Emergency Oxygen

Emergency Oxygen is Basic Life Support!

Oxygen units for emergency use only are OTC and can be used by lay people who are properly trained. Life threatening medical conditions are usually accompanied by low oxygen levels. Therefore, any victim of a life threatening illness or injury should receive emergency oxygen (100% 12 LMP). According to the AHA, supplemental oxygen after successful defibrillation is an important part of post resuscitation care for preventing recurrence of cardiac arrest.

  • Portable lightweight case, easy-to-use external two-step instructions, simple "on-off" control lever
  • Unique clear front case makes it easier to check oxygen levels and for the presence of a mask and tubing
  • High regulator setting meets the latest AHA recommendations (100%) for emergency oxygen use
  • Provides first aid in two ways: Inhalator for a breathing victim and a CPR resuscitator for a non breathing victim
  • 45 minute supply on high setting or 90 minute supply on norm setting

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